Eponymous Fractures

There are numerous eponymous fractures which are named after the people who first described their existence:

  • Bankart fracture – glenoid
  • Barton fracture – wrist
  • Bennett fracture – thumb
  • Bosworth fracture – ankle
  • Chance fracture – vertebral
  • Charcot joint – foot
  • Chopart fracture – foot
  • Colles fracture – wrist, etc.

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Apophyseal avulsion fractures of the hip and pelvis

These fractures:

  • Usually occur in the adolescent athlete, most commonly associated with football or gymnastics
  • Are most common between 14-25 years of age
  • Usually result from a sudden forceful concentric or eccentric contraction of the muscle attached to the apophysis, causing avulsion

To find out more including the common fracture sites, history and examination, imaging and when to manage conservatively or surgically please follow the link below:

Apophyseal Avulsion Fractures_17Dec14

gymnast xray