Don’t be hustled by HUS! (Haemeolytic Uremic syndrome)

Haemeolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS) is caused by the abnormal destruction of red blood cells. The damaged cells clog the filtering system in the kidneys, which can lead to life-threatening kidney failure.

HUS usually develops in children after five to 10 days of diarrhoea, caused by infection with certain strains of E. coli bacteria. Adults also can develop HUS due to E. coli or other types of infection, certain medications, or pregnancy. Timely and appropriate treatment leads to a full recovery for most people, especially young children.


Septic arthritis in children

Septic arthritis is a bacterial infection in a joint.  It may be caused by bacteria entering the joint either through the bloodstream, after a penetrating injury or following an infection of a surrounding bone. Often the cause is unknown. Read more about Septic arthritis in children, which includes Kocher’s criteria scoring.

Septic arthritis