CEM FOAMed Network – Free Open-Access Meducation for ED staff

FOAMed logoThe CEM’s main educational presence in recent years has been ENLIGHTENme. There’s been some good stuff on there but it’s behind a log in and not immediately accessible in the way FOAMed resources have been. With the rise of FOAMed and it’s influence on education of emergency physicians, it’s only natural that the college would want to embrace the idea.. They’ve come up with CEM FOAMed which ultimately aims to ‘map’ the college curriculum.

The CEM FOAMed Network is now accessible via their Facebook page or you can go straight to their first podcast

Submitted by Jon Burton


HEFT Emcast – website for EM topics

HEFT emcastHot Topics in Emergency Medicine is your own blog reflecting the topics that are important to WSHFT ED staff, but of course there are other great sources of information.

Heartlands ED have developed a new website called EMCAST http://www.heftemcast.co.uk/  to help people keep up to date with relevant EM topics in evidenced based medicine, new guidelines, clinical skills and training in Emergency Medicine. They have just begun adding SAQs as a preparation aid for those of you who have the pleasure of preparing for exams! Try their podcasts (also available on iTunes), clinical skills videos and twitter feed @HEFTEMCAST.

Submitted by Jon Burton.

HEFT emcast homepage